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One to one sessions will benefit clients wanting to deal with a specific personal issue or challenge.   Issues such as stress, anxiety, sleep disorders, preparing for an exam, sporting event or presentation, phobias or to improve general well being.

 Sessions last for approximately an hour and cost £45.  

5 sessions can be booked in advance at £40 per hour.  


(from 3 to 12 people)

Group sessions will benefit:

  • people of all ages to improve resilience and well being, reduce anxiety and improve sleep
  • employees to reduce work stress and improve team cohesion
  • sports teams to enhance performance and prepare for competitions 
  • students preparing for exams
  • people of all ages dealing with the challenges of pain or ill health

Sessions typically last an hour and cost £15 per person per session which includes a recording to practice at home.  

Reduced rates for a course of 6 sessions booked in advance.

For Organisations, sessions can be delivered at your own premises or venue, please contact me to discuss your specific needs and for more information on pricing.  

 For further information please email or phone.

 Soprology for Relaxation classes at Newnham Armoury Hall available - get in touch to find out dates and times






"I have noticed I am able to handle my stress easier and able to lower my heart rate and breathing quicker.  Sleeping pattern has also improved as sleeping longer and deeper. 

Glenys has a very calming and relaxing influence during each session."  

Particpant from Group Session

"In October Glenys facilitated an introductory session for a large group of care sector managers, as part of a focussed day on workplace well-being and resilience.  Her approach was engaging, calm and supportive as she gently guided participants through a series of breathing and relaxation exercises.  Numerous participants reported immediate benefits and the session generated a strong interest in exploring sophrology further, both as individuals and within teams.

I am extremely grateful for Glenys' contribution to the day, believing in the value sophrology can bring to reduce workplace stress and improve well-being."

Angela Willis (FCIPD)    Workforce Strategy Manager

Gloucestershire County Council

Feedback from participants of 6 week course from October 2019

"It has taught me to be aware of my body and the sensations it experiences of which I hadn't taken any notice before.  It teaches you to take time out and make time for yourself which is very important and it helps you relax"   Dominique

"I feel more comfortable in my own body and that I am in control - I am able to relax and listen using the techniques learned."  Annette

"A very relaxing experience - teaches you to focus on yourself and the feelings in your body"  Margaret

"I have learnt to give myself time and attention to my body.  Relaxing, calming, feeling of unity with others around me.  Useful exercises which are not over difficult but where you will feel great benefits.  Glenys has a very calming voice and approach to each session.  Great back up given with the recorded exercises."  Rosie